Karma Chameleon

Dealing with trolls online & in real life for an ex-scientologist is like an Olympic event in proportion to how extreme it can become. In this case, I would say if you didn’t have at least a healthy level of paranoia then you haven’t been abused by Scientology enough to need to worry about it. Which is good, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Most people follow the adage, “don’t feed the trolls.” And I would say under normal circumstances, for a normal person that would be smart advice & a good solution. But Scientology, with its endless financial resources & full time free labor force, not to mention your scariest secrets all wrapped up into one easy convenient location (your auditing folder) unfortunately can turn them into very powerful adversaries with no limitations. They’ve made splitting hairs an intricate art & have become incredible craftsmen at it. They can go on for years. Scientology trains people for a special operations group called The Office Of Special Affairs. Special affairs meaning: destroy who we tell you to destroy but don’t leave any fingerprints. If only they could put all that time & energy towards resolution instead, I wonder what could be accomplished? I guess we’ll never know. Not unless its core policies are changed will we ever find out.
People who leave & speak out against Scientology experience what’s called “fair game.” There’s nothing fair about being fair gamed because it was never fair to begin with. Scientologists are lied to from the start & by the time they find this all out, it’s too late. It’s literally a David versus Goliath situation but without the ending where the underdog wins the fight. You’re lucky if you make it out alive. And if that doesn’t utterly ruin you, it eventually does change you. I’ve tried to put on a happy face in spite of being fair gamed myself but it’s so hard. No one wants to admit the toll it takes on them & they’re family so I won’t go into much detail about it now. Expressing vulnerability publicly is a liability for people who leave Scientology. And that’s a shame because there’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re human & need help. Scientologists don’t know much about empathy, especially for anyone who doesn’t believe as they do. Sometimes talking about it is dangerous to an ex-scientologist because the church will use that information to grind you down even further into dust. I know most ex’s don’t get into the specifics about what’s happening to them but I’m going to a little bit.
I for one am ready to take a stand against it. Abuse isn’t funny. Violating another human beings right to privacy is what sick people do, especially when their victims are children. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It shouldn’t be happening & anyone participating in it,  Scientology or not, is a coward. I’d say it to their face.

I’ve been called a “mole” for Scientology, which although it couldn’t be further from the truth doesn’t seem to matter to some people. But it can be used as an insidious tool to alienate a person from the anti-Scientology community. I’ve been called dumb on Twitter & when I took up the issue with the person, they uttered some nonsense about OT 3* & outright denied having called me that. I’ve seen people who’ve posed  as Scientology critics selectively agree with the accusations Scientology has leveled against me while simultaneously pretending to be a protector of ex-scientologists against the church.
Most of the electronic harassment I’ve gone through comes from social media. The main problem stems from the fact that they’ve hijacked my cell phone data from not only mine but my daughters cell phone & also our computers. This means they listen through the microphone to every word we all say. This means they watch us through the camera of our phones & used to watch us through the web cam on her computer until I learned to cover it up. It means that they’ve looked at our pics & watched us change clothes. They’ve stolen a piece of our innocence that I don’t know if we can ever recover. They’ve tried to talk to my son on online video games. Once when his lizard died he got a DM from a stranger that he’d never spoken to, saying he was sorry  his pet lizard just died. It scared my son because it was said as it was happening in real time. He asked me if someone was watching us because how could they know. After years of this, it’s no coincidence. Believe me, I wish it was but I’ve already wasted enough time being in denial about how anyone could do something so incredulous.
They’re favorite thing to do on Twitter is to repeat my personal opinions that I write or say in private but put it in the context of saying it towards Scientology. This abuse is impossible for anyone to notice unless they’re looking for it. To an outsider it would appear just like any other tweet or communication. But it’s an old method they’ve used for a long time to remind me that I have no privacy. If I angrily react, then they get to say I attacked them with the added bonus of making me appear like I’m inventing problems out of thin air. It’s socially undermining & a pathetic game that I’ve never wanted any part of.
I honestly don’t care about the petty arguments & for the most part I ignore it. I have bigger things to focus on but at the end of the day it always comes down to the same thing. How & why in the hell are these people so sick that they need to break into every communication device in my household? For years? This is the heart of what’s really going on. Who deserves privacy & who doesn’t? Who gets to decide? I’ve gone to the police, they can’t do anything without proof so until I can have this investigated, I protect myself & my family in the best ways I can. If anyone has any idea’s or advice I’d love to hear it. I’m not too proud to admit that I need help with this.
No one gets away with doing this to a family forever. One day, whoever & however many people are taking part in it will pay the piper.
And if anyone else is experiencing this harassment, my heart sincerely goes out to you. Please know that you are not alone. Don’t ever give up. Don’t you dare let them win. I know I won’t.

*OT 3 is a complicated higher level on the Scientology grade chart where their origin myth is revealed to them, but the information must remain secret. I didn’t know about it until after I left. If a scientologist hasn’t reached OT 3 then they most certainly have never heard this story & wouldn’t believe you if you told them. You can find more information out by reading The Fishman Affidavit.


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