Scientology & The Nothing

This post from The McClaughry Blog brings up an often unsaid but relevant point on the importance of every ex-scientologist’s voice being heard. It inspired me to comment back on a topic that doesn’t get much discussion.

Carmen on March 10, 2016 at 12:40 pm

I don’t see what’s so wrong with the idea of ex-OSA agents coming forward & offering help to the people still being devestated by what they, as agents, were/are a part of? In fact, do people even know this is something that’s needed in the Anti-Scientology community. (Don’t call it a “movement,” the word police will be after you.) Is it being reported that some of the people who OSA came after, can’t just drop it like its hot? No, it doesn’t work like that either & I’m sure they know that. Are they so over what was done to them? No, & I don’t expect them to. But I do expect them to understand why, if you can communicate with the person & handle it, it would be better than being evasive. After what’s been taken from you Virginia, what’s so wrong with needing that? Nothing. It would be awesome if that could happen. It would do a lot of necessary good & bring some intense healing to this group. So why is it impossible? Instead, certain people get concerted support & compassion & some other people get alienated & accused? Once I get past the part where I’m guessing the reason why ex-OSA’s don’t want to speak to individuals they’ve hurt is because they’re afraid. Well, that’s where it gets hard for me because although I can understand why a person might be too afraid to admit to something, it still doesn’t mean I accept it. Maybe that seems harsh, but while most people do not know the full gory details of what’s been done to people like us, our children or for how long & how disgusting the people are who’ve done this, the real question becomes how can you carry on to the REAL business at hand, which is fighting Scientology? If youre met with a reaction like you’re the asshole for wanting some answers & accountability, then that’s very confusing to me because it’s the same line of questioning I had that made me want to leave Scientology. Why would I let the same patterns of victimization go on & on? I admire you Virginia because I know how deep & how real this all really is. It can’t be laughed off or minimized. It’s not easy to stand in your own truth & at the end of the day we have to love ourselves enough not to fear doing what’s right or being afraid of what someone will think. You’re doing it & you deserve the same peace of mind as anyone else expects to receive. I do too, all of us do. Not just some of us. When did wanting what’s right to happen become so controversial?


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