Firecrackers Under Rugs

I couldnt comment at Alanzo’s Blog & this is super important to me so I put it here. It’s in response to this recent post: 

You’re not alone Alanzo. This is actually happening. I don’t know if you read my open letter to Tony on Twitter but please do if you haven’t. There’s been a lot of condescension I’ve gotten from people calling themselves anti scientology activists, on top of getting fair gamed by Scientology. Then not long ago I found out Tony wrote on his blog a few years ago that he interviewed me “extensively,” which is a provable lie, then wrote that he didn’t write a word I said because I’m liar. No proof for why I’m a liar or who he got it from. I wasn’t allowed the chance to speak for myself. And now like an immature child he’s completely refused to talk about this or take responsibility. How is that acceptable for an investigative journalist to do nothing that resembles investigating & instead write deceptive gossip about an ex scientologist? Until Tony Ortega is forced to answer for this abuse (And fuck yes, I said abuse because this isn’t even the whole story) I cannot in good conscience continue to protest Scientology along with him & the people who are also actively engaging in harassment against me. It’s caused too many of Tony’s groupies to follow his example because Tony will block you Alanzo for legitimately critiquing his apparent loss of humanity but he is allowing his commenters to verbally abuse & slander me in his comment section whenever they want. That’s ok. Those people don’t get blocked. I take it like this, Tony must be really embarrassed about what he’s turned into because he can’t face me & has acted like a coward in confronting the seriousness of what he started. I have no respect for him. Contact me anytime if you’d ever like to talk. Besides you & a few brave women, all of what’s happening right now about this is being swept under the rug. It’s bullshit & I don’t give free passes for abuse of anyone. Proud you’re standing up. 


12 thoughts on “Firecrackers Under Rugs

  1. Thanks for your post, Carmen.

    You would not believe the number of people who have contacted me with their support about the post I wrote about Tony and Rachel Bernstein’s abuse of Scientologist Cathy Tweed, and this post you reference above.

    I don’t know why so many Exes believe that Tony Ortega has something for them. I think he’s great for exposing Scientology to tabloids and to have other journalists to talk to about Scientology. But when it comes to reporting on things that are important to people whose lives have been damaged or destroyed by Scientology, he can be almost as damaging himself – as you have shown.

    His shallow and sneering contempt for people is not something that is helpful. And his

    Thanks for reaching out to me, Carmen. I’ve seen a lot of changes to the Post-Scientology Internet since I got out and began writing about Scientology in 2000. The present configuration of blogs and video jockeys that has coalesced now definitely leaves something to be desired.

    This town needs an enema.



    1. I’m sickened at how Cathy Tweed was revictimized by Tony & this bullshit therapist Rachel Bernstein. Wonder if she’s a part of the nutter brigade that delights in diagnosing me as crazy at The Bunker comments section? I truly mean it when I say that ex scientologists should run from Tony & Rachael & crew like the plague. It’s a business. I had to laugh when I read how Tony wrote that you were blocked for intimidating a woman, Rachael. Wow, what chivalry Tony displayed. Ummmmm, but Tony doesn’t mind harassing & intimidating me or encouraging other people to bully me as well. Tony could use a little counseling himself. I’m not finding comedy in the fact that you got blocked for doing what Tony & his groupies have done to me for the last 4 years. If any ex scientologists are reading this, please reconsider joining this fake support group started by Rachel Bernstein. Not because I don’t want you to get help but because I DO want you to get help. Real help. I don’t despise psychiatry & have nothing against therapy. I’m all about recovery & have written about it a lot. Rachael & Tony are energy vampires. Ex’s will be used & discarded by them until you figure it out.

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      1. Here’s another one of my posts that Tony Ortega removed from his website when he banned me:

        No self-respecting psychologist would pass judgement on the mental states of people they do not know, that they have never personally examined, and have nothing else to go on besides blog posts, Facebook comments, and the opportunity to suck up to a community full of potential referrals for her cult recovery practice.

        This post was marketing for Rachel Bernstein, at the expense of a mother who lost her daughter to suicide.

        But who cares? Cathy Tweed is just a Scientologist, right?

        It is fucking shameful what any pack of human beings can whip each other into – and not just Scientologists – isn’t it?

        Scientology only works as a cult because human beings have the innate ability to influence each other. So if this group is so much better than Scientology, when are more of you going to stand up and criticize things presented to you within this group – especially when it doesn’t fit in with your group’s viewpoint?

        None of you?

        That’s what I thought.


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      2. Right on Alanzo, you’re completely in the right. And you got blocked for it. Whether Tony will admit this or not & I know I might take shit for saying this but I don’t care, it’s the truth. Tony is straddling a very fine line between exposing the truth & participating in outright religious persecution. Expose the corporate corruption but expect backlash when you attack people for they’re right to practice or not practice the religion of their choice. We can argue semantics about belief & what constitutes a religion but at the present moment it is what it is & going after private mourning mothers so you can prove a point about how bad Scientology is, is disgusting. There are limits. I love what you wrote. You have my total support.

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      3. Chivalry based on who the lady is. Obviously he has none towards Cathy Tweed or you. Nothing like putting a grieving mother on blast like that! So so so fucking wrong. And for all the people in the bunker who claim to be mental health advocates, huh, no one questioned what he had done from the comments I saw. That article just sickened me. If Cathy Tweed is a Scientologist and that makes her view death a different way then who is HE to judge that? Oh right, he is the judge of all things Scientology. That lady is a private person, no doubt despite what she had posted/said publicly, still grieving for her child. Rachael has no idea about grief if she was trying to claim she wasn’t grieving right. There’s no right or wrong way to grieve. Everyone grieves differently. Some faiths, whereas they of course miss the person, take comfort and even joy in knowing their loved one is now with their Lord. How would Rachael judge that? Probably just fine cuz it’s not Scientology. It’s sickening. It’s not journalism. It’s the gutter press.


      4. I couldn’t agree with you more Miss Tia. And Tonys selective reasoning behind who he protects as opposed to who he allows to go on witch hunts is just oh so familiar. The irony gets lost on Tony bc he either doesn’t care or has no idea that he’s walking in scientologys same footsteps by operating like this. Now I know you probably created a little controversy at The Bunker bc you left Miss Tia & stuck to your guns about how you’re not willing to fall into line over there. But I want you to know that’s precisely the reason why you’re as badass as they come. Huge thank you for your courage & conviction. ❤️


  2. I couldn’t reply directly to your comment, so I’ll quote the part I wanted to mention. Oh hai bunker screen grab squad! Screen grab this and run back and post it. Clutch your pearls, cuz how could I? Some day maybe you’ll realize the bunker is very similar to Scientology in some ways. Until then? Clutch your pearls!

    Anyway…”Tony is straddling a very fine line between exposing the truth & participating in outright religious persecution.” As far as I’m concerned he’s already crossed the line. What he’s done to you, Marty Rathbun, and Alanzo has fully crossed it. And who knows how many others there are out there who aren’t publicly known. Come forward, it’s okay!! Why he’s basically fair gamed and black PR’d you, allowed others to play psychiatrist for you in the comments–and that one person with no real name claim they knew you personally and you were crazy and they all accepted that, and then allow such things to stay there and continue is really, in my opinion, unethical journalism. It’s also unethical as a human being.

    I 100% believe you only had a 10 minute phone conversation with him. I 100% believe he mostly did the talking. Why he didn’t set up to interview you? Only he can answer that. Though wait, he’d claim he did. Does he have any ‘receipts’ to prove he interviewed you extensively? Like exact dates and times? Interview notes? Methinks the answer would be “no”. But if he wants to claim he interviewed you extensively, he should be able to show WHEN and WHERE that happened! Oh dear, how could someone question something he said?!

    That whole article about Cathy Tweed’s daughter, I felt, was WRONG. Why publish the young lady’s facebook posts THAT HAD BEEN DELETED? Cathy Tweed is a private person. Why invade a private person’s life like that? Oh yeah, she’s a Scientologist and therefore her feelings don’t count (unless of course he could have made personal contact and used her). Having someone comment as that therapist did on Cathy Tweed, as Alanzo properly pointed out, was unethical. And this is YOUR blog, so I shan’t get into the comments by Texas Lawyer about Marty Rathbun’s case and how wrong those are.

    If you’re in the ‘in crowd’ you’re mollycoddled and can do whatever you want. If you’re in the ‘out crowd’ you’re being circled like a piece of fresh meat by sharks. Tony decides who’s in and who’s out. Apparently the criteria is based upon worship, tribute, you have info/something he wants, and/or good old fashion ass kissing. It’s a sickening cesspool and I’m glad I left. As you know I messaged you. I also messaged Alanzo and Marty Rathbun. I was, at the time, fearful of what bunkerites would do if I had commented publicly on Marty’s blog. He graciously accepted my apology. I am no longer fearful of them. I’m not a piece of meat they can circle. Their attempts the other day at love bombing only solidified my thoughts that being away from that cesspool was a great thing. They cannot and will not intimidate me, fair game me, or black PR me—I do a good job of that myself! 🙂 Hypocrisy and censorship is no way to run a journalistic business.


  3. So eye opening Miss Tia. What a nasty business Tony runs. I agree, these aren’t the actions of a journalist with integrity. I’m planning on litigation so please pass it along for anyone who wants to join the suit with me or be a part of this. It definitely needs to be criminally investigated. And if you know who the people are at The Bunker who wrote lies & slander about me, please let me know. I need to find out who the person is who’s lying that they know me. They absolutely DO NOT know me. I have no idea who that person is & when I do discover the identity of the person(s) who’ve taken part in the harassment, I will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. I’m so grateful for you & Alanzo & the people who are gracious & brave enough to finally say enough is enough.


  4. Hi Carmen, I’m really sorry to read this. The group I was in wasn’t as bad as Scn, but it was bad enough, and I’ve seen similar things. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who comes out of a cult and blows the whistle needs to be supported. Not shot down by anyone who thinks they have a copyright on whistleblowing. You should know there are people out there who stand behind you.


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